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The activities in Vivo are a really fun way to add interaction to your eLearning pages.

Choose From: Drag and Drop, select an object, connect the objects

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Adding your quiz question

Adding your Activity

First, set up your page with the objects you wish to use in the activity. These could be images or text boxes. You can also add other items to the page – either as additional information or decoys.

Then go to your Vivo library, select the activity type you would like to use and simply drag and drop it anywhere on your page.


Setting up your Activity

Setting up your Activity

When prompted, you are able to type in your own question and feedback text. You will also be able to select which of the objects on your screen are possible options and what the options answers are.

There are also some advanced settings you can use:

  • Number of attempts allowed
  • Play sound effects for correct / incorrect answers
  • Skip to alternative pages for correct / incorrect answers
  • Select your own ‘submit’ button text
  • Snap items to drop target (for drag and drop)


Customising the look of your question

Customising the look of your question

You can change the look of your question so that it matches the rest of your course by changing the font, size and colours in the standard text menu within vivo.