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Animation effects

Using movement in your course to emphasise key points is a fantastic way to grab the attention of your learners.

It works especially well if you are using narration as the animation can be synced easily with the audio to add interest to your pages. A person could gamble online during strip blackjack. As well as the standard entrance and exit animations, you can also move and change your media at any point on your timeline. Vivo is the only eLearning authoring tool to give you so much animation flexibility.

One of our clients, ILX group, make full use of the animation features in Vivo to create rich and engaging experiences. Take a look at a sample of one of their courses here to see exactly what can be done.

You could be forgiven for thinking that creating this type of effect is strictly for programmers. But the vivo team have done all the hard work so that you can make your eLearning move without any technical skills at all.

How’s it done?

Working on the timeline, move your playhead to the time you would like your animation effect to happen. Click the ‘add event’ button. You will see the event appear on your timeline.


Double click the event to set its properties (for example, would you like your object to bounce or slide to its new position and how quickly should it move?)

Back on your page – move, resize or change your object to the desired end position of your animation effect.

That’s it! Move your playhead back to the beginning of your page and hit play to test your effect from directly within vivo.