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We all know that eLearning can work out really cost effective when you compare it to a traditional classroom course.

But eLearning isn’t just the poor relation; here are a few more great reasons to give it a go!


Reduce your opportunity lost

Time is money and being out of the office for a day just isn’t an option for some employees. I see this most often in people whose time is ‘billable’, but it’s a common problem for many people these days.

Self-paced eLearning is an ideal option as employees can fit it in around client bookings and busy times. Last minute cancellation? Your course is ready and waiting for you.

I even know some industrious freelancers who make use of their family holidays to top up their skills and qualifications without having to turn away business, although I’m not sure that’s entirely healthy!

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Shorter training time


According to Rosenberg (2001), eLearning “can take anywhere from 25 to 60 percent less time to convey the same amount of instruction or information as in a classroom.”

How is it possible to reduce the training time so much? Well results will vary from learner to learner, and course to course, but some reasons include:

  • The ability to skim familiar topics
  • Less time to set up the course – introductory exercises are not needed
  • Less time listening to Q&A that may be irrelevant
  • Learn at your speed, not the speed of the slowest learner in the class


Confidence in course quality and consistency


When you give an employee access to an eLearning course, you can be completely confident that they will get exactly the same information as every other student has.

With classroom courses, even if you manage to book the same instructor each time, you just don’t know if the course will be affected because they are having a bad day or not feeling 100%.


Reference material (that you can actually read!)


How many times have you wanted to refer back to something you learnt in a classroom, only to find that you can hardly read the notes you scribbled down in a hurry as the instructor was moving onto the next topic?

eLearning can provide a constant reference and revision tool, make sure you create or choose a course that features searchable content and an index to make this easy for your learners.


Reach global audiences


Organising classroom courses across multiple countries is no easy task! I won’t go off on too much of a tangent, but if you want to hear some amusing stories about sorting out security for instructors travelling to Nigeria, getting boxes of materials out of South African customs or my bright idea to send a female instructor to Saudi Arabia, then drop me an email!

Needless to say that when you are working on a global delivery, eLearning will keep your stress levels within acceptable limits!

If I’ve inspired you to give eLearning a try, but you don’t know where to start, then why not contact us for some advice?