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If you want to try something other than ‘next’ and ‘previous’, Vivo makes it really easy for you to change the way your learners view your content.

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Exploration is also a great way to break up pages which are text heavy or simply contain too much content to display at the same time. Vivo offers two ways to add exploration interactions to your eLearning, each one allows for hundreds of possibilities.
Explore using Click to Reveal

Explore using Click to Reveal

Showing objects on your page depending on your learners’ interaction is super simple to set up.
Yet it is also incredibly powerful because of the hundreds of ways it could be used to create unique interactions.

Any object on your screen can be turned into an interactive button which will hide or reveal as many other objects as you would like it to.

Just select your object and then from the ‘buttons’ menu select what you would like to reveal or when it is clicked.

Possible interactions could include:

  • Click on a timeline to get information about a period in time
  • Click on hotspots on a map to reveal information about that area
  • Click on a photo of a person to hear them introduce themselves
  • Click on a tab in a folder to view the information behind it


Explore using Branching

Explore using Branching

Any object on your page can be turned into an interactive button which will lead your learner to
a different part of your course. Simply select your object, and from the ‘buttons’ menu assign the page you would like your learner to go to when they click it.

Using this method means that you can completely customise the navigation of your course if you choose to, like we have with this childrens sample course.