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VIVO Features

What can Vivo do for you?

Asset Library

Asset library

Use royalty free graphics and sound effects from the Vivo library. Choose from characters with different expressions and poses, office equipment, icons and much more!

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Use your own media

Already got the perfect media? Import images, sound effects, voice over, videos or flash files into Vivo to use in your eLearning courses. The Vivo Library is available across all your courses so you only ever have to import once.

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Unrestricted design

Take complete control of the look of your project. Vivo allows you to lay out your page in exactly the way you want to and even provides the tools you need to make sure everything is aligned perfectly.

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Built-in templates

Stuck for inspiration? Browse our massive library of gorgeous templates. Simply add your own media and text or fully customise to your needs.

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Professional eLearning Menu

Show off your eLearning skills with a course main menu that is less PowerPoint, more professional course.

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Animation effects

Demand your learner’s attention by using Vivo’s extensive animation capabilities to add movement to your eLearning. There is no other tool on the market which gives you so many options for adding animation to your eLearning.

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Quiz questions

Reinforce your key learning points by interspersing your eLearning with quiz questions. Choose from a range of question formats, all can be fully customised and spiced up with media such as images and video.

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Add interest to any static page by turning it into an activity! Choose from drag and drop, connect the objects or selection activities.

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Put your learners in the driving seat by allowing them to explore your eLearning in their own way with click to reveal, tabbed interactions, interactive images and much more.

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Scenarios and branching interactions

Allow your learners to put what they have learnt into practice by creating realistic scenarios. Learners are able to make decisions and deal with the consequences by taking different paths through your story.

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Test knowledge by adding a fully customisable exam to your eLearning. Choose from a huge range of options like randomising questions, adding a time limit and awarding certificates for successful completion.

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Drag and drop creation

It couldn’t be simpler to build your eLearning pages. Drag any media from your library to your page and preview in real time.

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See at a glance all of your media start and end times, animation effects and timings. Add new animations at the touch of a button or drag and drop to change timings.

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Track with or without an LMS

Upload your eLearning to any SCORM compliant LMS. Don’t have an LMS? No problem! Vivo comes with a built in tracking facility which allows you to track your learners online, without an LMS. You can even issue passwords for your courses to protect your content.

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Native MAC support

Don’t let emulators slow you down! Vivo can be used natively on MAC and PC.


Never get stuck again – Vivo’s outstanding personal support is available 24/7. What’s more, it’s included free of charge for the life of your subscription.

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