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Scenarios and branching interactions

A scenario, also known as a branching interaction, gives your learner a situation that they have to work through by selecting the path they wish to take, then dealing with the consequences of their decision.

This could be simple, with a correct path through the scenario and dead ends where your learner makes an incorrect decision
Or complex, with multiple potential paths and outcomes

Either way, this type of interaction really gets your learner to think about how the information they have learnt could be applied to a real life situation, leading to a higher level of engagement and knowledge retention.

Scenarios can take many formats, some possible examples could be:

Conversation between an employee and customer
Response to an emergency situation
Job interview


Building Scenarios in Vivo

There are two different ways to build scenarios in Vivo, both are easy to use and don’t require any coding.

If your scene changes with each possible option, then you can create a new page for each section of the scenario and link them together by using ‘go to page buttons’. Simply select the scenario option (perhaps this would be a text box or image) and from the ‘buttons’ menu assign the page you would like your learner to go to when they click it.


If your scene stays the same for each option, just with minor changes, then splitting your page into sections rather than creating a new page for each option is a great time saving tip. This allows you to just add or remove content depending on your learners’ decision.