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Track with or without an LMS

All courses you create in vivo are fully SCORM compliant, which means that they will integrate with most of the Learning Management Systems (LMS) on the market today.

If you choose to host your course on your own website without an LMS, you can still track your learners with the clever built in tools which come with every vivo course.

Log into your vivo course as an administrator to view:

How long each learner has spent in the course
A breakdown of time spent in each chapter
Quiz scores for the first and last attempt, plus an average of all attempts
Areas of strength and areas for improvement for each learner


Protect your online content


Leave your course open to all or set up unique user names and passwords for each learner.

If you are selling your course for your customer to host on their own website, intranet site or network, you can even limit the number of learners they are able to add to the course, giving you complete control over the licensing but allowing your customer to take control of the tracking of their own learners.